Bath time / by Peter Marshall

Dear Norah,

Who knew that bath time would become your favourite time! And mine! At first, it must have felt awkward to you and you didn’t know what was happening. You didn’t fuss much but really didn’t like coming out of the bath because I’m sure it felt cold. We’d try to wrap you up as quickly as possible.

IMG_2157 (1).jpg

Slowly you started enjoying them, but still not the getting out part.

unnamed (7).jpg

Four months later, when I would get home from work around 6:30pm and only have an hour with you before putting you to bed at 7:30pm, we started sleep training you (we waited until you were at least 4 months old). Even though I’d only have an hour with you, I at least got to spend time with you during your happiest time of the day! Bath time! Now that you are bigger and stronger, kicking in the bath seems to be your favourite thing to do in there. You LOVE to kick and splash the water! We also think it’s good for tiring you out before putting you to bed :D. I have a cute video of you kicking and smiling too.