Our first few months with Norah / by Peter Marshall

Dear Norah,

Everyone made a point of telling us how tired we were going to be with a newborn and they were right! The first month was super exciting and your mom and I couldn't stop smiling, but it was also challenging. Your mom and I woke up every few hours throughout the night. We did get a lot of help from your mom's family however and stayed with them a few nights a week and that saved us for sure. Somehow though, even while always feeling so sleepy, it was always so great to pick you up and hold you. My favourite moment of my work day was coming home to you see and hold you while your mom told me about your day.


I actually looked forward to putting you back to sleep during the night, even at 4am. It was so peaceful. My favourite thing to do, once you were settled a bit after feeding and you needed to fall back to sleep, was to play music I loved, but that I also thought sounded like "going to sleep" music. My go-to track was Andvari by Sigur Rós. I wonder if you'll feel anything listening to it when you are older. It is a piece that sounds incredibly peaceful, optimistic and happy to me. It is sung in what fans have coined "Hopelandic", a made up language with Icelandic influences. It means what you want it to mean. It has been my favourite song for so long, and is now becoming a special song that makes me think of you and our nights together.