Why I would make a good fit

My attempt here is to highlight my strengths. Having had the experience of looking for a photographer myself, I understand how it can be overwhelming and confusing to effectively select a photographer who best suits your needs. I hope this helps...


Natural & candid portraits

To me, the 'best' portraits are ones that are naturally taken, in the subject's environment. They offer so much more life to the picture, which communicates more about the person. There is no need in my mind to interfere with direction.


Decisive moments 

Very conscious of the mood of a room and people's feelings, I am good at following subjects like a sports photographer would an athlete, always ready to shoot at the right time. 


Effective use of natural light 

I am a big fan of natural light and love using the presence or absence of light to my advantage in highlighting my subjects. My feeling is that flash lighting kills the shot and creates a scene that is not real as it is not how the actual moment was lived.

Variety in composition

Many times, one good picture is simply not enough. You'll want close ups, entire scenes, different angles, straightforward shots mixed in with some artistic ones. Variety will make a photo album so much stronger.



Perspective for storytelling

A good photograph should say a lot. You may want it to communicate the ambience of a room, the feelings of your guests, the reactions of your bride and groom as your maid of honour breaks out into a rap for her speech of the night...


Dynamic conditions

I am quick to adapt with moving subjects and any lighting conditions to make the shot needed. I have no problems photographing moving children in indoor lighting. In fact, I love it.